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Morocco between 1991 and 1994. Sometimes on the week-ends, we used to go to Ceuta (Spanish enclave near Tangier and a tax free zone). There’s no need to cross The Straits of Gibraltar to feel for a few hours a European atmosphere! To go back to Rabat, it is nice to use the “Kif road” as they call it in Morocco, not because it is well known for drug dealing, but for its wonderful scenery through the Talassemtane pine forest.

Chefchaouen is visible right on the horizon, all in white she stands out like a diamond on the Rif massif. As the sun sets, the view is magnificent. Chefchaouen was built in 1471 and is situated 600 meters above sea level. My journey leads me to the old town’s rampart walls walking through the steep streets leading to the Medina (town in Arabic). In the square merchants are found seated on the ground displaying their spices, potteries, bird’s cages, and they speak to us in Spanish. In fact, in 1920 the Spaniards invaded this area and left in 1956 when Morocco became independent.   (Cont. below)

Original canvas size: 38 x 46 cm + margins for mounting

We pass the Casba and Jamel-El-Kebir mosque to continue our walk through the narrow streets which have deep blue painted walls. Once more I stopped in front of one of these beautiful doors, which give access through the rampart walls to the old town.

Chefchaouen, where life is good! The temperature is great, and it's beauty doesn’t age, remaining immaculate, as blue as the sea and the sky and fresh like morning dew. I love this town very much.

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