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On my numerous journeys over the years, I had a fascination for visiting the Far East and Korea. Nevertheless through the photo of the Korean couple I pictured myself on this beautiful part of the globe, as I am always looking out for ancestral traditions in some other places. They have been far from making me feel indifferent. Before interrogating myself, where they were coming from or why they were dressed in such a way? My interest went straight to what they were reflecting. A great link of love and complicity was radiating, making them look so touching. They seemed to have gone through life without a problem which made them appear so elegant in their traditional clothing.

The hanbok is a man’s outfit dating from the Joseon Dynasty (1392-1910). At that time only bright colours were worn by blue bloods, while the lower class’s had to be dressed with very discrete colours. Whatever class “my friends” are coming from, I painted them very tenderly.

Original canvas size: 46 x 56 cm + margins for mounting

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