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NATACHA, The Dancer.

2001-2006 Kazakhstan. I have not met Natacha, I was just lucky enough to see her photo and found her very beautiful. According to the context I was living in, I named her as such. To the sound of traditional music, she was gracefully twirling, forming circles with her arms. Where was she dancing? ... Who knows?  Weddings… On stage?

Natacha is now living with a close friend of mine. Born on the same date we have decided to spend our birthdays together for the rest of our lives, wherever we live. A few years ago, I offered him, as a present, the painting of Natacha. She represents what he likes, colours, quality of life and most of all the beauty of Central Asia’s girls. This gift was a corner stone in our friendship in a part of the world which we had the chance to discover together. We will never forget the huge sense of hospitality Central Asia has towards others, whatever their origins are.

Original canvas size: 50 x 40 cm + margins for mounting