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Kazakhstan 2001 - 2006. As soon as spring has arrived, yurts blossom up in various places on the hillside. The yurt is the traditional home for Central Asian nomads. Nowadays it is still used during transhumance or, as a week-end place. The Kazakh yurt is slightly different to the Mongolian one. It is higher and can reach 3 meters. It has a unique room with a stove in the middle, and used as a family home. Very often the pillars are painted in red and decorated with colourful motifs. Floors are covered with carpets. Chests containing precious belongings such as Cont. below…..

religious relics, jewellery and family souvenirs, are displayed around the room. The felt used to cover the yurt skeleton is a perfectly insulated to keep the inside temperature warm. During a festival, scenes of a traditional wedding were reconstructed. Young and older natives were wearing their most beautiful traditional outfits: Men in leather or suede trousers, embroidered shirt, thick purple velvet coats trimmed with gold thread and a matching cocked hat.  Women were dressed in white frilled sleeved dresses over a pair of trousers, an embroidered velvet waistcoat and wearing cone-shaped hats.

As everybody was busy around the bride’s yurt, she made an appearance at the door, waiting for her groom to arrive from a distance galloping on his horse.

Original canvas size: 50 x 40 cm + margins for mounting

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