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The lady and her rooster, Georgian country side

2007 Georgia: Spring has nearly arrived, the sun is shining and snow is still covering the mountains. With some friends, we decided to take a day trip to the Kazbek (5047 m), highest mountain in Georgia. As we were driving, we passed through several hamlets. Here we found groups of villagers standing behind wooden stalls trying to sell a few of their farming products. Once more, we jumped back in time, over 50 years! (Soviet time, after the war). The people looked poor, but they had not lost their sense of hospitality. Stopping by, just to say hello made them happy. They try to communicate, to share whatever they had. They were always ready to have pictures together with us.

I saw an old lady, looking shy, standing back with a rooster in her arms. It was probably all what she owned on that day to make a living. To keep warm, she was wearing several layers of clothes, used or most probably donated. She had beautiful aqua marines blue eyes in which one could read sadness and resignation. I painted her with a lot of affection.

Original canvas size: 40 x 60 cm + margins for mounting

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