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Between 1996 and 2001 I was posted in Bahrain, (kingdom of the two seas) which is an archipelago of 33 islands in the Persian Gulf between Saudi Arabia and Qatar. Bahrain is a country where the quality of life is great. This is where the cultures of the oriental and the occidental mixes, where each one Native Bahrainis are interested in the occidental modernization and western influence. On the other end of the spectrum are the foreigners and the tourists who are more interested in the history and traditional culture of this region.

This part of the world has a passion for horses, betting on these races is forbidden. During cultural events, races are organized requiring cavaliers and horses to be dressed in their best traditional clothing. These events usually take place during winter when the temperature is not so hot. It is a moment of happiness where both Bahrainis and foreigners enjoy the traditional ancestral show, which the country can be truly proud of.

Original canvas size: 34 x 41 cm + margins for mounting

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