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Between 1974 -1977 I resided in Teheran. Before each departure to the “unknown”, I had the habit of gathering information about my new destination.  Arriving in the country I was able to get around by myself and start exploring the place.

I was fascinated by the amount of handicrafts still being created, glass blowers, coppersmiths, silk and carpet weavers and marquetry. The big bazaar was a hive of activity! I spent days pacing up and down those alleys with a very intense working atmosphere, men pulling carriages piled with merchandise, circulating frenziedly through strollers. Other workmen were walking bent down (it was said they were Turks), carrying heavy loads on their backs. The basement looked like an Ali Baba cavern!  On each side of those alleys were an infinite number of carpet shops.

Stopping in one of them, was always a memorable moment. The shopkeepers offered the traditional tea served in small glasses while children were displaying the carpets by turning them like coloured pages of a giant book. If my interest went to a few carpets,

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Original canvas size: 50 x 70 cm + margins for mounting

then the endless bargaining commenced.  A pleasant tradition where both the merchant and the customer were both happy with the final price.

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