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Two bridges link the Muharraq Island to Manama, characterized with booths, old houses and souks where old traders still exist. As you pass by, local merchants often invite you to share a cup of tea as a means to make an acquaintance. They usually sit on very high benches smoking the Shisha pipe.

Small fishermen villages are scattered all over the small island, including the two forts: Abu Mahir and Arad fort, which have, in the past been protectors of the island. Abu Mahir is situated in the Dhows port.

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Original canvas size: 60 x 50 cm + margins for mounting

The Dhows are still built according to the plans memorized and passed down from generation to generation, made of teak wood, bent the ancestral way.

Because of the low tide in this region you can see some of the Dhows (Large Sailing Vessels) tipped on their side. Also on the horizon, through the mist, you can have a glimpse at the cranes from Mina Salman.

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